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Providing the same benefits that you can expect from your own adult practice, but with a little more playfulness, Youth Yoga provides tools and strategies through mindful movement and breath practice (pranayama) to find peace and calm in your everyday. With the stress that a youth lifestyle can have on their bodies and minds, allow them this time to learn the importance of self-care and slowing down, mindfully moving and playing, and most importantly, acceptance and self-love.”

“Fun, bubbly, and energetic. Sara is a Registered Yoga Teacher, Rainbow Kids Yoga Qualified Instructor, and Ontario Certified Teacher, with a specialty for teaching Kids and Family Yoga – finding a way to combine all that she loves into one intention! Her approach to class is very light and playful, while sharing the importance of self-love and gratitude in our everyday lives. Visit her website for more information on upcoming workshops and classes:”

Thursday, March 23rd
$15 per child + HST

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