Join Best-Selling Author, Holistic Lifestyle Expert and Medical Exercise Specialist Jenn Pike on her Hormone Project Healthy Living Tour.

Are you ready to learn and be inspired to create a body and life by design?!?!

Stop making excuses. Stop surviving another day in your life and choose to THRIVE instead.

I have made it my personal mission to rock the house and EVERYTHING you thought you knew about your hormones and want to see you there!

Are you tired of feeling tired and struggling to get through the day?
Are you struggling to lose weight?
Are you suffering from insomnia?
Are your hormones out of balance?
Are you suffering from a thyroid or adrenal imbalance?
Are you suffering from gas, bloating and digestive upset?
Are your cravings out of control?
Are you in pain due to inflammation?
Are you noticing your skin, hair and nails change?
Are you feeling depressed or anxious?
Are you constipated?
Are you trying to heal from an auto-immune disease?

Friday, April 7th
$30 + hst

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